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R.O.B. is here to help you take your business or idea to the next level. With our powerful AI tools for copywriting and web publishing, you can quickly and easily create a website that will wow your customers and drive more sales.

Made for Startups, Founders, and Soloprenuers

One day, you will have a whole team to manage your wesbite, but today, you just need a website that communicates clearly how your business will help your customers accomplish their goals. That’s why our AI-powered website builder offers a unique solution to help you get the results you want - fast.

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R.O.B. was created by executive marketers, so you can be sure that your website will be written with the highest level of expertise.

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Copy That Converts

Our software is trained on marketing principles that position your business as the solution to your customers' problems, and clearly sell your value to them.

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R.O.B. will produce a live webpage for you in about 10 minutes (including the time it takes you to answer a few questions).

You Don't Need Another Chatbot, You Need A Website

When you use R.O.B., you're getting more than just generic copywriting tool - you're getting access to our experienced team of marketing executives who have crafted a thoughtful framework to ask targeted questions that result in relevant, effective copy that converts visitors into customers.

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Revolutionize Your Landing Pages

Our landing page copy software uses a.i. to create targeted, effective copy that converts visitors into customers. Say goodbye to bland copy and hello to conversions!

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Build a Website in Minutes

Our automated, no-code, website builder tool allows you to create a website in minutes. We'll deliver a mocked-up landing page (that looks a lot like this one, but with generic colors and placeholder images).

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Like it? Keep It with Webflow

If you like ROB's work, and want to put it on your own domain, you can setup a paid Webflow account, and we will transfer it for you.

About R.O.B.

At Robot of Business (or "R.O.B." for short), we believe in the potential of small business owners to make their mark in the world. Launching a new business with a great website shouldn't be something that requires deep pockets or technical know-how. That's why we created an AI-powered landing page copywriter and website builder tool designed specifically for small businesses and startups. Our mission is simple: Get founders off the blank page, and give them a great website that communicates their value to their target audience. We don't just generate generic copy: Our framework asks targeted questions to get meaningful, effective copy that converts.


Is this the same as chatGPT?

ChatGPT changed the world by giving a simple "chat" like interface to generative AI technologies. And it can be a powerful tool to write website copy, or an entire website, but that's not what R.O.B. is trying to do. Although we do use generative AI technologies (like the ones from OpenAI - the creators of chatGPT), our AI is not so open ended like chatGPT, we are focused specifically on writing copy for specific elements on a webpage.

What do I get for $10?

Once you have completed your form, and paid the $10 you will get an email from R.O.B with a link to your webpage mockup. The page will be in a format like this page (in fact, R.O.B. wrote this page, except for the FAQs section), but it will have generic colors, and placeholder images. You an take the copy and use it anywhere you want, or you can convert that page to a live website and update it with your colors and images.

How do I make changes to my site?

If you want to keep your R.O.B. site but have the ability to put it on your own domain, make changes, and connect to marketing tools like Google Analytics, LinkedIn, or Meta Ads, you'll need to setup a paid webflow account (starting at $18/mo). Once you have a paid account setup, we will transfer the site to your account, and you will have full control over your website.

What if I don't like the copy?

R.O.B. is meant to get you off the blank page, because that's often the hardest part of the creative process. We hope that we can give you a fully realized site that you love on the first try, and that gives you what you need to tweak and polish it to completion. But if you're not happy with what R.O.B. wrote, you can reply to the email, and his human founders will do a one-time re-run of your website at no cost. If you still don't believe that we provided value, we will refund your money.

Does R.O.B. Work with Wordpress, Squarespace or Shopify?

R.O.B. will produce copy that can be used in any application. But at the moment, our only automated webpage delivery is on the Webflow platform*. It's easy to use, affordable, and we believe it lets business folks focus on business, rather than having to update/manage web stuff.

*We're an affiliate partner with Webflow and will make a small ammount of money when users sign up for a paid Webflow account using our links.

Will R.O.B. be my friend?

R.O.B. is incapable of friendship, but his human founders appreciate that you want to connect with him. If you're interested in new stuff that they/R.O.B. are working on you can email us and tell us what kind of tools/products you'd hope to see from a Robot of Business!

A Powerful Tool

"R.O.B. is a powerful tool that helped me quickly and easily create a website that looks professional and modern. I'm so glad I chose R.O.B. to help me create a website that will make an impact and drive more sales."

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Robert C.

Founder, Dope Blankets
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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about R.O.B., please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help you create a website that will make an impact and drive more sales.

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